~Age of Pisces~

….It’s for about a decade now that we’ve exited the Age of Pisces, or, Osiris – entering the Age of Aquarius, or, Horus. The last couple of thousand years has been regarding God being outside of us.. a.k.a, “Jesus.” These next few ?? will be about recognizing that God is inside of us. Age of Aquarius is a time of technology, rather than traditions. Of Atlantian-like familiarity, hopefully to not drown in and get washed out, this time around. I, Jessica Searcy was born on the luckiest day of the year, St. Patrick’s Day, in the sign of Pisces, western astrology, with other mysterious variants in my birth chart placement. I’ve have been quite the skeptic about astrology, spirituality, past lives, tarot, other deities, gods, goddesses, meditation, mantra and yoga, due to my religious upbringing under the roof of the ‘ol roman Catholic Church. Becoming a nun was one of the life path’s that actually called me- it’s virtuous, pious, spiritual, organized and deeply religious, and is a path a few great aunt’s of mine pursued. Two out of those great aunt’s found solace in the search for God in occult matters such as my great Aunty Sr. Leona, whom is dedicated her good life to assisting her best friend Marilyn Rosser- with her call to mediumship at the Center: IIIHS-SSF. The rules and regulations of the church didn’t suite her more modern taste for music. She plays a mean piano! I’m also much like my Aunty Sr. Anita, whom was a guitar-playing, &… yoga practicing nun. To summarize, as we enter the 2021 Piscean Season, I will be combining as “Ms Mixed Messages” the tradition of religion & “knew” technologies of spirituality as I’ll enter in to my re-birthing season represented with respect, love, & compassionate understanding for the duality… or, illusion of differences. One significant truth I’ve discovered since 2012, is, that- yoga is Union… Union is the uniting of all polarities. Up is down, black is white, religion is spirituality, darkness is light, yang is yin. ALL is one. From, “ashes to ashes,” so the Holy moly Bible thou saith. Egyptian religious practices thus shalleth did weigh it. The Piscean knows this. It’s said within Astrology, that, the Pisces holds all of the signs before it, within it. As Above ~ So Below. Grace “Me” – I’m about to make an unholy, holy *achoo* of my selves.

“I am in You. You are in me. We are One.”

-The Great Goddess, Isis (Auset), She Of Ten Thousand+ Names.

Published by MAMA KAMALA

Spiritual Medium & Intuitive Artist

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