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“Death Doula” Of YOGA:

Prolonging an inevitable LIFE process of DEATH & dying by providing for you tried and true techniques and tools to ASSIST you in LIFE; HOLDING on, as well as DEATH; LETTING GO….. ❀

Jessica L. Searcy has studied and experienced deeply the depths of the underworld, or, sub-concious mind of the spiritual realm through meditation and mediumship… She serves as bridge from this to the “ether side,” delivering spiritual messages, of the ancient ancestors, emphasis on Egyptian deities..

According to, The Egyptian Book Of The Dead, after life, is, the afterlife, or, the ‘realm’ of the Duat. What modern day Christian religions call, Purgatory. It is that in-between heaven and the underworld, or Hades, hell. It is not believed but experienced that at death, whether physical or merely metaphysical, including Shavasana or the spiritual death that we be greeted with a guide or few who journeys with us to be con-fronted with ourselves through these various alternative aspects of ourselves mirrored by the different gods and goddesses. The “Hall of Judgement” is guarded by the goddesses of Two Truths: Nephthys & Isis, known for being the night; dark; Yin; subconscious & day; light; Yang; conscious mind.

The yin; darkness & the yang; light, whom ask various questions, give advice, as well as counsel the individual before they enter the ceremony of the weighing of the soul; heart, where the will of the individual is measured against the feather of pure truth… Alas, combined: Above The Board Pharaoh (conscious mind, represented by the goddess Isis), & Under The Table Tarot (sub-conscious mind, represented by sister goddess Nephthys), provide deep answers & questions for a spiritual journey to the spiritual soul truth; substantial knew wisdOm to apply experimentally, experientially, and expertly.

“As Above


So Below”

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