Mama Kamala Jessica L. Searcy Mahan Bhagti Kaur

Spiritual Medium & Intuitive Artist

Mama Kamala is an advanced Yoga Teacher, specializing in: Hatha Flow Yoga, with the emphasis on Yoga as a Spiritual Discipline, The Science And Philosophy Of Yoga, Asana As An Art, And, Karma Yoga. Additionally, she completed her 300-hrs including: Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Entrainment Yoga, Meditation Revelation, Voice Power And Sound Therapy, Pranayama, & Ayurveda: Food As Medicine. In 2012, she studied at Prana Yoga Teacher College in Vancouver, BC, Canada with teachers Shakti Mhi and Pepe Danza. Shortly after completion of her trainings, she taught regular Power Flow Yoga, Beginner’s Yoga & Yin Yoga, her most popular class, for three months in Whitecourt, AB, before following the divine spirit of her intuition and relocating herself to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She completed in 2014-2015, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training as taught by Yogi Bhajan with Yogi Shabad, out of Equilibrium Yoga Montreal. This fast track transformation bestowed upon a graduation unto Mahan Bhagti Kaur. Throughout, uprooting, she met her great aunty, Sister Leona Hartman, residing at the SSF-IIIHS in Montreal, which allowed her the great opportunity to further study occult and spiritual practices including psychic clairvoyance & mediumship, under the supervision of world renown psychic Marilyn Rosner, with influence primarily through Busta Akong as her teacher. She furthermore learned more spiritual & emotional healing at the Spiritual Healing Church with psychic & medium, Yolanda Torrentino. Prior to her Yoga Teacher Trainings, in 2011, out of Calgary, Alberta, in to early 2012, Jessica completed a personal & spiritual development retreat called, CHOICES Seminars, in which over a few week-ends she learned life assisting tools to help enhance overall relationships and help further understand herself and other people. Jessica has got no former University education, often saying that she is a student to Life. Although she had made plans to study, and to play college basketball, life had it’s own plans and she responded to the call of the great spirit. Her purpose as a teacher is, like an artistic sculptor, of a human soul, body, spirit, & mind, which is merely to *remove* the parts of self that do not belong; to have: a balanced, authentic life.

(1) BE. (2) DO. (3) HAVE:

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